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From washing the dishes to relaxing in the bath, hot water is an everyday essential that’s easy to take for granted. Smartheat can repair and maintain your existing hot water system to ensure it always works reliably, or install a new system to modernise your home.

Hot water tanks or cylinders store hot water and keep it warm, ready for when you turn the tap on. If your hot water supply has become intermittent or more lukewarm than hot, we recommend contacting our heating engineers, who can quickly source and solve any issues with your system. For emergency repairs, we offer a 24 hour callout service, giving you the peace of mind that you won’t be without hot water for too long.

The Benefits of a Hot Water Tank

We carry out the installation of new hot water tanks for local homeowners and businesses across the area. In a larger household, a hot water tank can cope with higher demand, meaning the taps won’t run cold before everyone has had a bath.

Hot water tanks are also a good choice for the eco-conscious, as water can be heated by a sustainable source like solar power. A backup source of heat can also be included in the tank so that if your boiler breaks down, you will still have access to hot water.

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Find out more about the hot water systems and tanks we can install by contacting our friendly team. Or for a visit from one of our engineers in an emergency, call us on 01733 574 998 or 07904 979 305.


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